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NEO Business Fleet specializes in catering to commercial clients, offering tailored solutions for wheelchair-accessible vans and build-to-order passenger vehicles, currently in high demand. Our expertise and dedicated service make us the go-to choice for nursing homes, hotels, and businesses seeking reliable, customized transportation options.


NEO Business Fleet introduces the Landmark Luxury Conversion Van, engineered to serve the unique needs of nursing homes, disability services, and the hospitality industry with its customizable and accessible design. Built on the reliable Ford Transit foundation, this van provides adaptable spaces that can be configured for wheelchair accessibility and comfortable transport of up to 9 passengers. The interior features luxurious appointments and state-of-the-art electronics, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for all users. It comes with a robust 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty for peace of mind. Externally, the Landmark Van stands out with its custom vinyl graphics and seamlessly color-keyed panels, offering various options for branding and personalization to suit any organization's requirements.


The Galaxy Van offers unparalleled customization for commercial clients such as nursing homes, disability services, and hotels, ensuring accessibility and comfort for every passenger. Its adaptable design includes features like full-view windows and plush interiors, with options for wheelchair access and versatile seating configurations. Sound insulation and moisture-resistant flooring guarantee a serene travel experience, making it ideal for organizations seeking a reliable, luxurious transport solution tailored to their unique needs.


Introducing the Mobility Van from NEO Business Fleet: a vehicle designed with inclusivity at its heart, ensuring transportation is seamless and straightforward for everyone. Whether for commercial use in nursing homes, by disability services, or within the hospitality industry, this van is engineered for easy customization to fit specific mobility needs. Equipped with features like full-view factory windows, the Braun Millennium lift capable of handling 800 lbs, and Qstraint Slide N' Click kits for secure wheelchair accommodation, each Mobility Van is built to enhance accessibility. With an open floor plan option and the promise of a 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty, we’re dedicated to creating a reliable, comfortable, and safe transportation solution. Let us help you build the Mobility Van that perfectly suits your requirements, ensuring that everyone has the freedom to go where they need to, effortlessly.